Kodak is synonymous with consumer cameras but the brand makes other products including Kodak scanners. If you or your office needs a new unit, then consider their offerings. After all, the company has mastered imaging technologies. You are likely to be impressed with the quality of their outputs. Choose the right Kodak scanners by considering the following factors:


How do you plan to use this scanner? Are you going to be on the road bringing this with you? Then you should aim for the smallest and lightest model available. It won’t be the most impressive performer but it will save your back and be there for you whenever you need it. You can power this via USB which should make it easy to use. Carry a power bank with sufficient wattage just in case there won’t be available outlets.


If you are going to have it sit in an office, then it should be fine to go bigger. These regular scanners tend to be much faster than the 20ppm that portables tend to deliver. Consumer models may start around 35 pages per minute and go up to 60ppm. Black and white scanning tends to be faster than color scanning. As for business-focused models, you can get between 85ppm and 150ppm. These are great for high volume work as you can get more done within the day.


Check the capacity of the feeder as well. With portables, you will have to feed the documents one by one. With most consumer models, you will have a feeder with a limited amount of documents that can be held. Business models tend to have multiple feeders so that you can load everything up and lead the rest to the machine.


Think about the ability of the machine to operate independently. Some of them can connect to the network by themselves. They also have their own graphical interface. You won’t need to hook them up to a computer which can save resources. Check the other advanced features as well.

Volume Limit

Consider the suggested volume limit of the machine. Some are only rated to scan up to 25,000 pages per day while others can go on until they reach 65,000 pages. A few might be able to finish even more work. If you think that you will be hitting or getting close to those limits, then these large machines might be suitable for your office.

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