Pole dancing is a highly seductive form of dance that requires a performer to wear minimum clothing. However, before you decide to learn pole dancing, it is important that you choose proper clothes for this dance form. Wearing the right type of clothes for you pole dancing either for a routine performance or for a fitness class can make a great difference in the execution of your pole dancing moves. To know more about how to choose the best pole dancing clothes for beginners, take a look at this interesting guide listed below.

Choosing Pole dance clothes for Beginners

Tops: For the upper body, beginners should always choose to wear tank tops or sports bra or bra top instead of t-shirts or long sleeved shirts. Wearing these type of clothing helps give you that extra skin exposure on the abdominal area, ribs, and back, helping you to grab the dancing pole and use it to execute your dance moves. Men can choose to wear shirts, jackets, and tanks for a pole dance class.

Style Tip: For a more styling look, pair a sports bra with a bandeau top and stylish crop, each featuring different colors and print to suit your style.


Shorts: When choosing dancing pole shorts, it is best to opt for cotton shorts. Wearing cotton shorts helps keep your skin bare and allows friction to act between your legs and pole, helping you have a stronger hold and better grip to do pole climbing or pole swirling moves or pole tricks.

Leggings: If you are not comfortable wearing shorts, wearing leggings specially made for pole fitness is another option. Choose pole dancing leggings that are made of vinyl and leather materials rather than a jersey or cotton leggings as they may give you more grip and will not limit your dance moves. Men can choose to wear cycling shorts that have extra padding on the crotch portion for added protection.

Style Tip: To add mischief to your outfit, opt for Brazil pole fit shorts. This types of pole dance clothing which border between shorts and bikini are tight fitting and emphasis your booty’s vivacity.


Most beginners often choose to wear layers of underwear beneath their bottoms. However, wearing layers of bottom clothing can make you feel uncomfortable during performances. Choosing to wear nude thongs and skimpy underwear will not only help highlight your curves fully but will also boost your act’s erotic factor. However, when attending group classes, avoid wearing thongs, instead opt for a workout underpants or running shorts. Men can choose to wear boxer shorts under their cycling shorts.

The best pole dancing clothes are those that are comfortable; provide a good fit and maximum skin exposure without making you feel naked. Choosing the right outfit for pole dancing wisely is important as it reduces the chances of accidents and embarrassment along the way, allowing you to enjoy your dance as well as improve your overall health.

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