Car insurance is mandatory in most states. This is not a bad thing as all road users benefit from the policy. Major injuries and property damage can always be covered by insurance companies. However, it can burn a hole through people’s pockets. Limiting the coverage to the minimum stated by law is a good first step to reducing premiums but this might not be enough. If you still want to slash the rates and get substantial discounts, then read on for some car insurance tips and tricks:

Shop Around and Negotiate

If this is your first time to get auto insurance, then you should shop around as there is a wide range of offers among different providers. Talk to at least three of them to get an idea of the prevailing rates in your area. See how low you might be able to go. If you already have a policy, then you can still use this tactic to open negotiations with your current provider. Ask them to match the lowest rate that you were able to find elsewhere. If they agree, then you will pay less for your premiums. If they don’t, then jump ship to the cheaper service provider.

Get Discounts for Good Behavior

There is no single rate for all drivers because every person is different. Applicants are assessed based on their driving records with those who have lots of traffic tickets and accident involvements being charged more than the average. Some insurers might even deny their request for coverage because they are considered to be high-risk individuals. On the other hand, those who have clean sheets can get approved right away and their premiums are likely to be lower than average. Teenage drivers usually get charged higher because of their inexperience and tendency to be reckless. However, students with high grades may be considered more responsible than their peers and enjoy a nice discount.

Avoid Danger to Avoid High Fees

If you can avoid dangers, then you are less likely to file for claims which is what insurers like to see. Consider investing in a new paint job to a lighter shade as this makes your car more visible in the dark. You can also install anti-theft devices such as alarms and wheel locks. Completing a defensive driving course can also help you secure a lower premium.

Try any of these car insurance tips for lower monthly payments.

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