Technology can help you to do things better, faster and cheaper, but only if you understand how it works and where it can help your business. To start off with, you’ll probably need a personal computer. Decide on whether this should be a desktop or laptop. If you’re mobile and need to access information while you’re away from the office, a laptop is preferable.

Choosing the right software and Business Registration in Singapore can take the ‘slog’ out of running your business, so choose wisely. You need to decide on the operating system you want to use. Microsoft Windows offers the best all-round business support, flexibility and security, and is suited to most business applications. This includes:

  • Word processing for basic layout and document formatting;
  • A spreadsheet program for basic accounting, statistical planning and management;
  • An office presentation graphics program;
  • An easy-to-use design-and-layout program for basic publishing and production of marketing materials; and
  • Email and Internet browser software

Importantly, you’ll also need anti-virus software to safeguard your files and to protect your machine against data loss. Don’t start using your computer without one.


Getting your business online is a simple process, and the first step is to get connected. There are many options, depending on your business needs; Analogue dial-up is ideal for home users and dials up through a normal telephone line. It is the cheapest method of access but is also the slowest. ISDN is a digital dial-up connection. ISDN is faster and more reliable than analogue dial-up. Business Registration in Singapore is also a key factor.

ADSL is a separate digital iine which means you are permanently connected. it offers stable, secure and very fast Internet access at a fixed monthly cost. Wireless Internet connectivity has recently become available, but you first need to check if there is coverage in your particular area.

If you want an online presence, you can take this a step further by registering a domain name which gives your business a unique Internet address. You can use it for your email addresses and your company website. The name remains yours as long as you renew it each year. Creating a website is the final step in this process and is a cost-effective way to market your products and services to a global audience.

Many businesses in Singapore take advantage of consultancy services and great corporate tools to ensure success. It is vital to make the right decisions at every stage of business development. Both small and large companies require skilled staff that make a huge difference in the levels of productivity and ultimately profitability.

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