It might surprise people not familiar with international wines that one of the most prolific wine producers in the world is the nation of Australia. It is the fifth-largest exporter, with close to 800 million liters being exported every year. Native Australians drink over 500 million liters every year, so it is clear that they love their own grapes and wine. To get a taste, visit a website that lists the best Australian wine.

While nations such as Spain and France and Italy typically come to mind when people think of imported wine, the truth is that Australia is a booming market. What makes the wine of Southern Europe so delectable is the Mediterranean climate that supports vigorous grape growth with minimal disease. Parts of Southern Australia has a Meditteranean climate, and other parts of Australia are also known for growing grapes suitable for those regions.

The bottom line is that Australia grows excellent grapes, taking advantage of ideal climate zones and love of soil science. The country produces bumper crops of grapes, many of which are grown specifically to be turned into wine. With a mature wine industry and countless large and small bottlers, there are well over a billion liters go around every single year.

Most of the wine produced is white, while a significant percentage, around 35 percent, is red. The specific types of wines are compared to European varieties and include Shiraz, Chardonnay, Merlone, and Semillion. Since the soil type and temperature of storage affect wine production, it is obvious to expect best Australian wine to taste a little different. Many Australian wineries use refrigerated storage to approximate the soil temperature of traditional cellars.

Even with all the soil science, familiar cultivars, and controlled aging conditions, the fact is that Australian wine will always be a unique experience. The climate zones range from monsoons in the north to the temperate and rainy south. While these southerly environments are like Europe, they are not, and Australia does have its own soil and weather patterns. The taste of the wine might seem a little wilder to an experienced sampler.

These wines do not have to be expensive. Since Australian vintners are blessed with generous soil and an entrepreneurial spirit, they often sell the product a bit cheaper than the older farms of Europe. For something that is delicious and refined even if a little less familiar, try looking at all the Australian brands of wine available right now on this website.

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