The discovery of these travel vests literally changed our lives: think about what it would mean to have to travel with a backpack that covers all 4 seasons if technical clothing did not exist. A third of our luggage would be occupied by the winter jacket. Instead, choosing this type of outerwear we have reduced the bulk of the winter jacket to a small bundle and in extreme cold we take advantage of the onion technique by also wearing our inseparable item over it as additional protection from wind and rain.

There are so many models of light and waterproof down jackets, but our advice is to rely on technical brands and to prefer quality to look, because then when you find yourself in the cold with a hoodless down jacket or without windproof cuffs you will not make any of the cute jacket. Prepare to spend a sum that we cannot define as low, but you will make the purchase once and for all and it will be final.

Of course, in both men’s and women’s versions, make sure that the practical space-saving jacket bag is included. This quilted down jacket in soft goose feather is really comfortable, warm and also pleasing to the eye thanks to Best Floating Sunglasses. The goose down padding produced of high quality (no plucking of live animals) and offers excellent thermal insulation properties.

The outer fabric is light, but at the same time resistant to water, even if not waterproof. It can be stored in its convenient carrying bag to ensure a minimal footprint. The close-fitting cut is very feminine, the sleeves have foldable cuffs and lapels, the hood is removable, one of the two inside pockets has a housing for cables for electronic devices. When completely closed the front zip covers the neck up to the chin to ensure the least possible heat dispersion.

Like its feminine version, it is equipped with high-quality padding (without plucking of live animals), well-made stitching and design designed to isolate the body as much as possible and keep warm. The outer fabric is water resistant, although not waterproof. The ultra-light down jacket can be stored in its drawstring carrying bag to ensure minimal bulk. The hood is removable and the high-neck front closure provides additional protection and warmth. It works well with the Best Floating Sunglasses.

There is a piece of clothing that has faithfully accompanied us for many years inside our backpack and that has saved us from the cold on so many occasions during our travels. We are talking about the travel down jacket, also called 100 grams (for its featherweight, although it usually weighs more), the goose down jacket that closes in a convenient space-saving bag and that can be easily transported by occupying one limited space.

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