Gaining self confidence is the strong and unconditional belief in your inner-self and what you are capable of doing. It is not what the outside world imagines about you—instead, it is what you have come to realize that you inherently possess that the external world doesn’t know. While many people wish they develop this all-important personality trait, the vast majority do not know how they can help themselves realize and grow their confidence. This article is created to help people like you know the best ways of gaining self confidence and help you turnaround your unknown inner power into a potentially huge booster to your confidence.

Count Your Blessings

Many a times, we often are met with situations that are difficult to navigate and begin to count losses, failures whenever we do not achieve our targets. History has shown us that when you are stuck and not knowing what else to do, it is important to fall back to your small achievements to develop the confidence to handle even harder tasks. When you count the little things you’ve been able to do, you certainly begin to develop a sense of self-worth and a perception that you can even do greater things. Therefore, shutting your eyes on your past achievements and concentrate on worrying about your failures, you will be creating fertile grounds for even greater failures.

Leverage the Power of Positive Self-Talk

People who are optimistic and talk to themselves positively have far higher chances of achieving better results at challenging things. It can help you to creatively use self-compassion and enables you to attempt challenging tasks. Positive self-talk helps you to increase your confidence by allowing your subconscious mind to imagine you “can do it” and convince you that you can handle even harder and challenging tasks. The next time you feel you are in a bad shape to speak in a crowd or that you are too weak to try out something new, try to remind yourself that the thinking is not correct and that you can always make it.

Below are some of the examples of how to overcome your pessimistic self-talk and re-engineer your thoughts to think positively:

When you begin to have feelings of “I cannot do it,” or that “this task is difficult,” remind yourself that “nothing is impossible,” and that “All I need to do is give it a try.”

Final thoughts

Everyone has had to face or deal with confidence issues at one time or another in life. While this is normal, there are instances when your confidence hinders your work, ruins your relationships and interferes with your ability to enjoy quality living. Remember that too much confidence (overconfidence) is as dangerous as having no confidence at all. Being overly confident in your potential at doing certain things often makes us assume taking certain actions, which can result in even worse results. For example, being too confident about passing a test can cause you not to give your studies the effort and attention it deserves. Therefore, it is important to develop the right amount of confidence to assist you accomplish tasks and get the desired results.

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