Nothing is more pleasing than enjoying the tranquility of your home, which is particularly true when looking at doors that close without slamming. However, choosing the right door hinge is not easy because of the fluctuating weather conditions. This is where the 3 in 1 Auto Door Hinge comes in handy; it will undoubtedly top the list of hinge choices regardless of the type of door. The 3 in 1 Auto Door Hinge has great admiration due to its triple action which includes controlled door closure, safety hinge and its ability to hold the door open.In addition to the fact that it is exceptionally flexible to harsh weather conditions and increases safety.

Product Description

The 3 in 1 Auto Door Hinge is carefully crafted and has its adjustable hinge made of steel. The top of the hook is fitted with a flexible rotating head. The combination makes the hinge ideal for all types of doors ranging from swimming pool gates to living room doors. It is adaptable, and you will comfortably enjoy your sleep and relish the watching of your television with minimum disruption from slating doors. You will also reduce the cost of repairing doors as a result of excessive force during the closure.

Other Features and Benefits

The hinge is suitable for all door types, and it lasts long even on doors that regularly open for instance laundry door, living room door and your swimming pool gate.

It is quite adaptable as its steel is substantially durable and flexible enough to withstand harsh weather conditions

It’s auto door closing feature will provide you increased protection from toxic fumes and other contaminants.

You will be thrilled as to how cool the 3 in one hinge will increase the safety of your family by reducing accidents from uncontrolled door closure especially with children around your home.

Lastly, its design is straightforward which will enable you to fit the hinge efficiently with minimum instructions. It also comes with an instruction pamphlet with step by step pictures on proper fixing of the hinge.


Increased safety
Reduces door slamming
Long lasting hinge
Increases door longevity
Weather resistant
Reduces wear and tear
Reduces door stress


You may need help with the installation.

Although traditional door hinges are functional, it’s imperative to choose a proficient hinge to enhance your safety and comfort. Remember that selecting a capable door hinge will increase the life span of your door and save you money on repairs. Relish a noise-free environment in your home by fitting your doors with the 3in one auto hinges.

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