Pole dancing can be strenuous to the knees. Most of the pole dancing styles involve movement between the pole and the floor. Pole dancing knee pads protect your knee for injuries. Although it is one of the incredible sports/fitness that gives freedom to express oneself, caution must be taken to look after your body while at it. There are many injuries associated with it. Knee injury is the major one and can put your entire career and training to a standstill. Therefore, knee pads are required for several benefits;

Floor Work

The choreographies involve extensive floor work. With the knee protection, you are likely to suffer sore knees after every session. Pole dancing knee pads will offer you the correct amount of cushioning you require avoiding carpet burns. The knee pads are made in such a way that they help you transition through different styles involved and also helps you to be flexible. To cub odor, after every session, they are breathable caps. They also have dual-density padding that enables you to deal with intensive floor work.

Knee Protection

As you learn to perform some pole tricks, you may slip off and hit the ground. Some knee pads are not as pretty, but you will be thankful to have won them when you bang your knee against the pole by accident. Knee pads protect the patella from serious injuries. Ligaments and tendons connect the patella to the bones in the thigh and leg. It is the one that helps us bend our knees or stretch out your leg. It, therefore, for means, if you fracture, dislocates, or injures your patella, you will not be able to stand, walk, run, or any other athletic activities. It will be a devastating injury that won’t just affect your career but your entire life.

Value for Money

As a pole dancer, you require a knee pad that offers maximum protection at an affordable price. They are made in different sizes; therefore, ensure you take a perfect fit that will suit you for a good grip. A soft knee pad protects your ligaments and patella. You can also choose a slim fitted design but ensure that it does not thin out quickly. Pole dancer’s knee pad merges functionality; they are durable and are stylish. The knee pad gives you an excellent grip so that you can slide around the pole with a lot of ease.

In conclusion, as a pole dancer, make sure you invest in good knee pads for your protection. There are various designs in the market, presenting you with a wide range to choose from that particular knee pad that matches your outfit.

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