The sole purpose of a wheelchair is to provide the user with mobility and lightweight Aluminium Wheelchairs do just that and a whole lot more. These devices provide many benefits to users and attendants alike, to make their daily lives simpler, faster and even more fun. A lightweight chair is great for all users, but even more so for those who spend a lot of time traveling or take part in sporting activities. Some of the benefits that make these chairs so successful include:

Lightweight — weighing between 9kg to 14kg, these wheelchairs are a lot lighter than the regular chairs that weigh about 20kg. Being as light as they are makes them more convenient to handle and lift and a lot easier to transport as well.

Folds up — due to its space-saving design, an aluminum wheelchair can be conveniently folded and stored in a compact compartment inside the vehicle. This makes transportation fast and uncomplicated, with no stress whatsoever on the body.

Easier to maneuver — the product style and quality design significantly increases the true maneuverability and performance of the wheelchair. Specially designed with bigger wheels, makes the chair easier to turn, thus demanding less effort by the user.

More accuracy when maneuvering — this chair is more reactive than a regular chair. It provides the user with increased accuracy to maneuver in tight spaces as well as the potential to become involved with physical activities and active sports. Although it is incredibly light, each design is assessed to guarantee the user silky-smooth performance and faultless balance.

Absolute comfort — users are provided with optimum comfort with the lightweight chair. Extra padding can be included for leg rests and seating and shock-absorbers can be installed to the framework too, to enhance the feel of the lightweight chair.

In addition, lap trays and beverage holders can be connected to suit each person’s specifications and needs. These add-ons are easy to remove and store during transportation.
Strong — despite being made of lightweight aluminum, these wheelchairs sacrifice nothing when it comes to toughness and quality. All the demands of a regular wheelchair are met; the aluminum frame is just as strong and durable as other types of industrial materials, thus guaranteeing a chair that can withstand the wear and tear of all everyday activities.

Aluminium Wheelchairs, because of their light structure and portability, are extremely easy to transport up and down stairs. They are also ideal for users traveling by bus, plane or car. In short, this type of chair will satisfy the needs of all users, making their daily lives simple and completely hassle-free.

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