With options in the market, making the wrong choice in your buying process can be easy, and it cost a lot to realize that you have the wrong heels. It even turns worse when you read the cash receipt note that goods once paid no refund. So, you stuck with your heels not knowing what to do, but with some tricks, we can bring back the same smile you had when you first set your eyes on the same shoe. A small twist or insertion of heel grips can play a role, and if you are in this situation, worry less on the page and understand the feeling better, and here are some of the heels grips application to save the day.

How to Make Your Heel Fit Better

Oversize heels

One of the common problems experienced with many heels buyers is the size; this happens because your feet experience different expansion and contraction. You will find that if you bought the heels in at night after a long day, your feet had some extensions due to muscle expansion, and the shoe was fitting you well, but the next morning it is a bit larger. You can cover this up by inserting a cushion to feel in the left space. You can still achieve a tighter heel by having grips due to its ability to prop your foot and occupy the free space.

Heels too Wide

A heel that is wide or generally loose causes a lot of discomforts and can even disappoint you when having a serious business meeting. A small addition of a right heel grip can help you remedy the situation by bulking up space in the shoe. The aim here is to ensure that your foot doesn’t slip or cause any movement in the shoe that can lead to tripping or even falling. If your heel is too wide for your feet, then adding some Cashion to help your feet fit into a larger space can play a role.

Slipping out of Heels

Nothing feels terrible like walking in the streets, and your feet keep on slipping out after every ten steps you make. This can be caused by either the shoe being wide or extensive, and the best way to ensure that you cover the extra space is through the addition of some grips to help raise or fit the extra space. You will have to buy a heel grip, but the best way to ensure you avoid these experiences is to make a wise choice when purchasing a heel.

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