Too much sun exposure could result in irreparable damage to your hair and skin. A number of ladies summer hats are specifically designed to safeguard you from excessive UV rays. They will block UV rays and allow you to enjoy the outdoors without being overly concerned about sun damage.

Understanding the Basics

A typical summer hat has a wide brim designed to cover the entire face, nape, neck and shoulders. Typically, it is made from a tough and breathable material like straw and cotton. Many summer hats have rounded top and the interior has a protective interior lining to protect the head from direct heat.

When looking for a summer hat, you should ensure it can provide adequate shade for your face. Additionally, you should make sure that the brim has sufficient stiffness for better protection. Even more importantly, you should ensure the top part of the hat is breathable and not cause your head to overheat.

Benefits of Wearing Summer Hats

A number of different types of hats and accessories can be used as sun screen. However, ladies summer hats remain the best defense against ultraviolet rays. This is largely because of the tremendously wide brim that could measure as much as seven inches.

There are unique advantages of this type of hat. Firstly, it provides enough shade to make strolling under the sun comfortable and eliminates the need for an umbrella.

With a wide-brimmed hat, you can minimize the use of lip gloss, sun block and sunscreen. Wide-brimmed summer hats allow you to apply smaller amounts of sun block, which enables your skin to breathe and is otherwise beneficial for your skin.

Additionally, summer hats can reduce the risk of heat stroke. They provide an adequate amount of shade; therefore your body will stay cool while you are exposed to the sun. These hats prevent your body from overheating, which a common cause of fatigue, dizziness and disorientation.

Summer hats are also quite stylish and can add a punch of fun or sophistication to your outfits. They allow you to look remarkably chic while strolling on the white sands on the beach. Additionally, they are available in various shapes, designs and colors; therefore, you can easily find the ideal hat for your personality.

It is not too hard to find summer hats that provide exceptional sun protection. These hats are available at boutique shops and major chain stores. A wide variety of these hats are also available online; this allows you to conveniently shop from the comforts of your home, car or office.

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