This is the most intimate form of photography where you focus solely on an individual and try to capture their essence. It may seem simple since we take pictures of other people all the time but things are different when you are doing it professionally. You need to be meticulous with every detail to make your subjects look their best. You will have to choose the right equipment for the job and set them up in a way that will be flattering to the person in front of the camera. Even novices can take great pictures if they put in the work. Start with the following:

Get to Know Your Subject

You must learn as much as you can about your subject so that their personality can shine through in the pictures. This will also help you to develop a concept for the shoot including possible settings, clothes, make-up, and accessories. Talk about it and see if they are comfortable with your ideas. Develop a rapport so that they can talk to you freely. They will be able to pose with greater confidence if they trust you as a person and as an artist. Ask them what their goals are for the portraits so that you can deliver with your final images.

Be Creative with Your Compositions

A lot of beginners make the mistake of standing in front of their subject and getting a full body shot as if it were the only way to get a portrait. In reality, you can experiment with a lot of angles and zoom levels. Sometimes it is better to focus on the top half with the right pose to create drama. During the shot, be sure to move around to check if there are angles that work better for the subject. Study the available backgrounds, if any, and think of how to best incorporate these in the composition.

Use a Reflector to Fill Shadows

Another thing that you may want to do is to use a reflector to bounce off the light in the studio or even in an outdoor setting. This can be used to fill the shadows that have developed in certain vital areas like the face. For instance, you may be trying to compose a shot with the subject being in front of an amazing background but having the sun at the back creates a shadow on her face. You may use artificial lighting to combat this as well as a reflector for a soft glow. This is often better than a direct focus as the light is diffused. Learn more from portrait photography Brisbane experts.

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