If you are getting started with golf and aspire to become an international player one day, it’s important you get your basics right. The best golfers in the world have an effortless swing. And this swing is not necessarily inborn. These golfers have mastered their swings with rigorous training and effort. The following basic golf swing tips should help you even if you are a fairly established golfer. They would come in handy with relearning those initial swing basics right from scratch.

Get in Position

Get into a proper stance before you attempt a swing. Your feet should be set in a way that you are not overly reliant on either for balance. Push your hips slightly back and angle your spine and upper body forward, in the direction of the ball. Bend your knees slightly for some additional stability. You should now be prepared to take your shot.


At times, the best method to learn the basics of a golf swing tips is watching golf swing mistakes made by other golfers and making sure you don’t commit those same errors. Most beginners usually find it difficult to keep their right arm near their bodies while they swing. To get a proper swing, it is important you have your right arm positioned closer to your body and move the club while transferring your load to your right foot. This should result in the club moving up at a 90-degree slope to the ground.


The downswing begins by moving your left knee right across your left foot. You would find your arms dropping naturally as your wrists stay in a pivot position. Your chest and hips would now rotate as you ensure your head remains behind the ball.

Follow Through

Some amateur golfers have the tendency to try and abort their momentum after they hit the ball, without knowing that it would affect their natural club flow. Post clubbing the ball, your arms must extend fully with the right shoulder pointing down. The right knee must have finished the transition by shifting to your left knee, with your entire weight being transferred to your left foot’s heel. Your right foot must be on its toes.

Heads Up

Head placement would not have a major impact on your shot. However, raising your head and not keeping it down would change your spine’s tilt, causing your swing to deviate from the target.

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