You’ve probably heard of AR (augmented reality), a technology that’s expected to become a $30 billion industry in just a couple of years. This is all thanks to the exciting applications AR has given birth to, greatly benefiting both individuals and corporations as a result. With everyone now turning their attention towards the concept, maybe it’s time you too did the same.


Compared to standard methods, training individuals using AR technology is a much more impactful process. On-screen instructions allow for complex concepts to be taught step-by-step, but the use of layered graphics is where AR really makes a difference. With these, tutors can create interactive experiences that engage multiple senses, which effectively increases the depth of the learning process. This is just a glimpse of what augmented reality brings into the training scenario, so talk to a business animation agency to see how it could benefit your workshops.

Remote Collaboration

Most people tend to get distracted during team meetings held across separate locations, but this could soon be a thing of the past all thanks to AR. With this technology, it’s possible to create an impression of all members being present in the same room, effectively making engagements more immersive. For the participants, the whole thing transforms to become part of the fabric of the world around them. Not only does this minimize their likelihood of getting detached, but it also makes remote collaboration more effective.

Product Launches

Imagine having the power to demonstrate a product in a real environment prior to launching it. Being able to move, turn, zoom and manipulate it to bring out certain details. Placing the item in other people’s hands so they can imagine themselves owning it. These may sound like scenes from a sci-fi movie, but they’re all achievable now thanks to augmented reality.

By making it possible to simulate animated three-dimensional models, AR has taken product demos to a whole new level. Marketers are no longer limited by static models when trying to engage their audiences. Consumers have also benefited from being able to take better pictures, and this is known to have a huge say in people’s purchasing decisions.

Needless to say, not all businesses will be able to take advantage of AR. This, however, doesn’t change the fact that the technology is opening up more opportunities, besides giving small business owners the ability to compete with their larger counterparts. It’s expected that augmented reality will transform the business world in the same manner that the internet did during its advent, especially when it comes to changing consumers’ perceptions.

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