A class t shirt design is a garment that features the logo or emblem of your class. Class T-shirt design can be done in many different ways, but it should always have some sort of class-related imagery on the front and back.

An example of this would be if you took Art History I during the winter quarter, then wore an old-fashioned paintbrush with “Art History” written across it for finals week to show off your class pride!

Designing class T-shirts doesn’t necessarily need to involve complicated design software like Photoshop.

A funny class t-shirt design is a great way to show your school spirit and create an identity. Designing class shirts can be time-consuming and difficult, especially when you are not familiar with the process. To make designing class shirts easier, we put together this introductory guide to class t-shirt design!

The first point is to figure out your class color. Many schools have a designated class color that should be used for class t-shirts.

The second point is to find inspiration when designing class shirts. There are many ways you can find inspiration, such as looking at school spirit merchandise or browsing the internet!

The third point is to use an online design program like Canva to make class shirt designs easier and more efficient by using their free image library. To start off with our fifth and final point, try making some sketches of what kind of art elements you want on your class t-shirt before starting up on the computer.

If you aren’t into drawing then feel free to just look through images in order to come up with ideas! You can also use the class colors to help inspire you!

Don’t forget to include the class colors in your designs! If you are feeling really inspired, try including class symbols or mascots.

At this point, it is safe to say that many classes are ordering class shirts for their seniors. If you have not ordered yours yet or if your class has not started making them then why not try out some new designs with Canva and see what comes up! Not only is using an online design program like Canva easier but it also allows students access to a large number of free images, which can be especially helpful when designing class symbols.

Once finished, your class t-shirt is complete – congratulations! It was definitely worth all that hard work when you see how great it looks at school tomorrow morning. So next time someone asks if they can buy one from you just know that class spirit starts here!

We hope this information on class t shirt design was helpful.

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