Cell phones (in particular smart phones) have become outrageously expensive over the past decade. Ever since the smart phone revolution gained full steam, phone prices have sky-rocketed. So how to you get that latest smart phone or even a 2nd or 3rd generation one without paying an arm and a leg?

Simple…by a used cell phone.

Used Phones for Sale: Buying Cheap

Many people don’t like purchasing used items because there is a connotation that they are old, don’t work, and won’t last a long time. That however is a myth and there is a huge market for pre-owned cell phones and other similar equipment that people participate in every day.

In fact, consumers can save as much as 70,80, or 90% on their favorite cell phone brand by purchasing a pre-owned version instead of a brand new one.

Why are used phones so cheap?

Handset manufacturers are playing a fast-paced game of sorts. In the world of computing and technology, the pace at which hardware becomes obsolete is very fast. If you have ever heard of Babbage’s law (named for Charles Babbage, the father of modern computing), technology and the hard war that is its foundation doubles every 2 years.

That means the smart phones and cell phones that were manufactured even 18 months ago are beginning to look old compared to the new technology companies are continuously developing. Because the smart phone space is so hyper-competitive, companies do not want to be caught selling outdated tech.

This phenomenon has spawned an industry of second hand cell phones that are really not that old and still work and look like new. For consumers that want a deal on relatively new tech, used cell phones are the way to go.

Are Used Cell Phones any Good?

Because there is such a large market for pre-owned phones, businesses have popped up all over the UK that specialize in refurbishing and re-selling pre-owned phones. These businesses often certify pre-owned phones as looking and working like new and many even offer warranties on their refurbished products.

To a consumer, the only way they would be able to tell that a phone is a refurbished used phone is because the companies are required by law to inform them of this fact. Many phones come in packaging that resembles that of the original manufacturer along with any accessories like chargers, headphones, or cases that they are supposed to come with.

Overall, buying a pre-owned cell phone is a great deal for consumers. They are far less expensive than buying new and actually help the economy be reducing waste.

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