Archery requires tremendous focus and a steady aim. Even a slight miscalculation can throw off the archer and result in a bad shot. Many athletes will spend countless hours trying to improve their aim by optimizing their vision. For example, they might use one eye instead of two so that the dominant one can take charge and show them a truer image. However, closing one eye for a long period while they prepare to shoot their arrows is harder than it looks. Some prefer to use an archery eye blinder to cover the weaker eye so their face can relax while they focus on their form. If you are planning to buy one, then look for the following characteristics:

Easy to Use

What is the archery eye blinder? How is it meant to be used? Most of them are meant to clip onto glasses or hats. Get whichever you prefer. They should have a good grip so that they won’t slide around when the archer moves around. The board should cover a large enough area to prevent the weaker eye from interfering with the shot. It should be easy to adjust as necessary to make the user comfortable and block the right spot. You might also want to check the prescribed thickness of the glass frames that it can clamp on. Find a blinder that you can flip up before and after shots so that it doesn’t impede your own mobility.

Quality Materials

The product should be made of high quality materials that pass international standards. This is your guarantee that it will last for a long time and that it will not fail you just when you need it the most. You could check the reviews to see what buyers have to say about the product after having it in the field. They may even provide practical tips for getting the most out of the product.

Affordable Price

The blinder should be affordable given the fairly simple function and construction. By using a clip, you will be able to use virtually any pair of glasses that you already own. This could be your prescription glasses with corrective lenses. It could also be sunglasses that work well for the current environmental lighting conditions. Since archery is usually practiced outdoors due to the long distances between archer and target, you have to expect the unexpected in terms of the weather and the natural lighting. Change your glasses but retain a single eye blinder for coverage.

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