Anime contacts are anime-style eyes, typically with heterochromia (difference in color) and slit pupils. They can come as single lenses or as part of a set (e.g., anime contact lens). There are many anime characters that wear these contacts and you might be interested to know about them! This blog post will cover 3 main points: what anime contacts are, the pros and cons of wearing anime contacts, and where to buy them if you’re interested in giving them a try.

What are anime contacts?

First, anime contacts are anime-style eyes. This typically means that they have heterochromia (difference in color) and slit pupils. They can come as single lenses or as part of a set (e.g., anime contact lens).

Pros & cons of wearing anime contacts

In terms of pros, many people find anime contacts very aesthetically pleasing because it helps them look like their favorite characters from animes/mangas/video games. In addition to this, some people do actually believe that having different colored eyes will bring good fortune!

As for the cons, there aren’t really any disadvantages besides being difficult to get used to initially since your brain is telling you something isn’t right with your vision if one eye is tinted pink and the other eye is blue.

Comparisons of anime contacts with colored contact lenses & GEO’s anime eyes

Anime contacts are generally made out of soft monthly disposable hydrogel or silicone, which means that they’re actually very similar to the regular contact lens material. On top of this, anime contacts don’t only come in colors; there are also anime-style circle lens/GEO circle lenses (geo = short for Georgio Emanuele) available too!

The main difference between these two types of ‘anime’ products would be their design because anime-inspired circle lenses tend to have a more noticeable outer ring compared to the inner pupil whereas anime contact lenses do not since they look like normal anime character eyes.

An anime contact is considered to be somewhat of a fashion statement because these designs are not only inspired by anime but also tend to mimic the iris of anime characters, which makes it easier for people who wear them so that they can feel like their favorite anime/manga character!

Why should I get anime contacts? – Easy customization and comfortability with lenses since many come in monthly disposable hydrogel or silicone (which means there’s no need to constantly clean your lenses!) – Various styles (and colors) available depending on what you’re looking for; some even have outer rings, others do not.

Since most anime-style circle lens products aren’t FDA approved due mostly to safety concerns regarding poor product design, use caution when purchasing anime contacts.

One misconception about anime-style contact lenses is that they have a very large diameter, which isn’t true at all! Anime characters typically have larger irises than our own eyes do because it gives the appearance of innocence and youthfulness to their character design.

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