The exam that IT professionals have to pass to gain ITIL certification is the ITIL foundation exam. ITIL, or Information Technology Infrastructure Library, is trademarked by the OGC (Government Commerce Office) in the UK and elsewhere. It’s the official benchmark for best practice IT provision. Occasionally, this qualification is referred to as Service Management Foundation ITIL Certification.

Training courses in ITIL are customized to assist students, who want to gain certification in ITIL V2 (Version two) or ITIL V3 (Version Three). Both versions provide students with several certification levels. The majority of ITIL training courses concentrate on Version Three, however lots of organizations carry on using Version two, so Version two training programs are still commonly offered. Many training courses provide bridge programs, to train Version two users in the elements of Version Three, for companies that want to switch versions. Each version starts with Foundation Level Certification, which teaches students the fundamental parlance, procedures and structures of IT.

After Foundation Certification, the Version two ITIL course provides a manager’s qualification and a practitioner’s qualification. The manager’s qualification is particularly helpful for IT supervisors responsible for ITIL implementation. It includes every aspect of Service Support and Delivery. Primarily, the practitioner’s qualification is aimed at IT service supervisors, who want to focus on a specific IT field. Modules in service level management, change management, problem management, service desk, and configuration management are available to students.

Version Three ITIL courses differ from the Version two courses, in that they allow for higher qualification levels. Four certification levels are included with Version Three. The foundation qualification is among these. In addition, Version Three provides intermediate qualifications, with programs reflecting both the higher level Version two qualifications — the master qualification and the expert qualification.

Although it was initially devised and adopted by the government in the UK, the ITIL method is now the preferred training of businesses across the world. This is why passing the ITIL foundation examination often helps IT professionals advance their careers. The majority of people sit this examination after completing a brief training program. The exam has multiple choice questions, and roughly ninety percent of students pass.

Once they have gained ITIL certification, it is wise for IT professionals to include this accomplishment on their CVs. Their names will be published on a successful candidate database, so their qualifications can be checked by prospective employers. The ITIL foundation course is a great entry level qualification for people who pursue IT careers, especially in helpdesk or IT support roles.

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