Before you decide on Overlanding in India, you need to understand several factors that make India what it is right now. Different nations have different cultures and the general way of handling things; therefore, when you are getting a new and very different place from what you are used to, you should be ready to do things how they do. Most Indian overlanders have had different experiences; some had the good while others got what they did not expect; however, there must also be some dark sides as much as there are the good parts of something. The things you should know before you get into India:

Road safety and driving

As much as every nation has different rules and regulations when using the roads, some laws are applicable universally. You need to ensure safety while driving in India, more on the pedestrians, considering that most roads do have pedestrian lanes. Therefore, you need to be careful and always use a horn to alert the pedestrians to move off-road or stop to let them pass first. You might find some passenger vehicles have tighter schedules while others are overloaded; you should always be careful with everyone’s safety.

Adventures and camping

One of India’s most fantastic attractions is camping and having to enjoy the adventures here; again, you need to be cautious. India is one of the nations with the highest population globally, for both humans and animals; therefore, you might lack the privacy you need while camping. Most people will get curious about what you are doing. While there are other places considered unsafe for camping, it becomes a challenge to identify them; this poses responsibility to the police. They have to find people camping in the wrong places and take them to safer places.

Learn their culture

As mentioned earlier, there is a more significant difference in culture; the Indian culture will need to adhere to as soon as you get there. From how they handle their rubbish and how they conduct their daily home chores, due to their large population, they are all over their country, overcrowded, and definitely, there is limited space. They do not value privacy that much; you will love doing things together, their cooking and washing are done in groups.


It is fun when Overlanding in India; you have to quickly cope up with what they do to have fun with them, they love visitors, and they will give you warm welcomes. Children are all over, and they will always be part of you; these will be their best moments for children.

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