An attic zipper is a hatch cover that helps in reducing energy loss in your home. HAVC contractors to weatherization experts agree that the attic is a significant point of energy leakage in your home. It is therefore wise to install these hatch cover in your home if you wish to save some cash on your heating and monthly cooling bill. This article will highlight the benefits of attic tents as well as the installation tips you need to keep in mind.

Air filtration

Hatch covers will prevent air filtration between the attic and your home. This, in turn, will prevent energy loss in the house during the cold and hot seasons. The heating and cooling system in your house operate by creating a negative or positive pressure that draws outside air in or forces the conditioned air out of the house. Therefore when you seal all entrance point in your home, including the attic, you are insulating them, thereby minimizing energy costs.

Radiant Barriers

The hatch covers may also act as a radiant barrier. It will protect your home from radiant heat, which escapes from the attic entrance. Most consumers wish to get value for their money quickly after buying the attic Zipper. This is made possible by an R-value of 3.2 and minimization of air transfer of up to 70%.

Installing Tips

The installation process is relatively simple. The size of the hatch cover will depend on the size of your attic. Measure the length and width of the entrance point and then pick the cover that is closest to your measurements. Due to their flexible nature, there is room for a margin error of 2 or 3. When measuring attic stairs, you must consider the stairs that pull down. You have to make sure that they will fit appropriately into the hatch covers.

The tent cover is fixed around the entranceway of the attic using a staple gun. The seams, on the other hand, are sealed using silicone caulk to make them airtight. When covering an attic space that has a knee door, the installation process will be different. You have to ensure the tent cover is large enough; the hatch cover will also be placed vertically to the walls.
If you have to scuttle holes as your entrance point, you will need to push up the panel and move it aside. You have to use the plywood attached to the floor jolts to set your panel on while you access your attic. This means that your attic tent must be huge to accommodate the panel when opening it. The best way to expertly install attic zipper is to, therefore, hire a reputed contractor.

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