Fashion changes just as the seasons change but jeans and Kendrick Lamar Shirts never lose their appeal nor their place in the wardrobe. A nice pair of jeans is one of those essentials that should never be missing in your wardrobe, and in fact it is difficult to find someone who does not or does not love to wear them.

But which jeans to choose? Not all are the same, and in the wide selection of skinny, regular, bell-bottom, it is better to wear the one that suits your figure. When you’re wearing jeans, always ask yourself: is that perfect for me? To understand it, just look in the mirror.

Even if you like skinny jeans and make you feel sexy, you should try to figure out if they really fit you. If you tend to climb and create creases on your thighs, it means that they are too tight, and you should try a bigger size. In some cases, the skinny jeans are simply not the right model for you.

It is not always the rule that a tight or thin line also tapers the figure, indeed! If you have generous forms, perhaps it would be better to choose boyfriend jeans, one of those with a cut and a regular fit, which is like a grunge rock star. The secret is to try all the Kendrick Lamar Shirts models or follow expert guides that summarize the most frequently asked questions to choose the right jeans according to the different characteristics of your body.

If your problem is a round belly, choose a high-waisted jeans model. The high waist diminishes the belly and thins the hips, helping you to harmonize the figure. Remember that the stretch materials are your allies if this is your case: they adapt to the shapes but at the same time they cover them, making them even comfortable! Avoid low-waist jeans! Showing off your tummy when you want to belittle it is the worst choice you can make. Low waist is only suitable if you have a flat stomach.

The voluminous butt looks like the one that creates the most difficulty when choosing the perfect jeans. But there’s nothing to worry about. Obviously avoids tight or low-waisted jeans. Choose a regular fit cut, such as boyfriend jeans or bootcut jeans, classic ones that go straight down on your hips and legs.

Choose a darker shade of denim, because it tapers the figure more than blue jeans. A little trick: choose a model with rear pockets, not too close together, because they would create a wrong optical effect.

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