Photography is currently the new form of communication. With the new age of the smartphones, many people continuously find themselves capturing and sharing snapshots on the go. Among the various genres of photography available, fashion photography seems to be fascinating to many. However, many fashion photography Los Angeles agencies tend to charge a lot of money for their services. If you are just starting and want to save a few bucks, here is a guide on the simple ways to showcase your skills by just using your smartphone.

1. Create a Theme

The first thing to do before engaging in smartphone fashion photography is creating a mood board. A mood board is like a scrapbook. You can post all pictures that inspire you in it so that it can be more straightforward for collaborators to identify your skill set. Creating a mood board is a convenient way of showcasing yourself and what you do.

2. Find a Sterling location

The next step is getting an accessible location. Explore your surroundings for appealing sceneries and fascinating structures that you can incorporate in your photos. You can also look around for lesser traversed areas for outstanding smartphone fashion shots. Remember to ask for permission if the location is a private property.

3. Place your Phone in a Convenient Position

Keeping your smartphone stable during a photo shoot is necessary for taking excellent pictures. The most appropriate solution is to buy a selfie stick or mini tripod that can serve as a secure handle when taking the shots. Alternatively, you can position a pop-up phone holder at the rear of the device to avoid holding the phone awkwardly during the shoot. Other than maintaining a stable phone position, the above accessories will also prevent your fingers and wrists from getting strained.

4. Go for Detachable Lenses

One of the biggest challenges of using a smartphone during a fashion photography photo shoot is having a single lens for everything. To get more flexibility, try using a clip-on on your gadget. In most cases, the clip-on kits come with three types of lenses:

• Wide-angle: Causes the display to appear broader. Perfect attachment while taking photos in small rooms.

• Macro: May not be applicable in fashion photography.

• Fish-eye: Is a supersized version of the wide-angle. It is ideal for creative applications.

A dedicated smartphone camera will undoubtedly help produce excellent images for your fashion photography Los Angeles project. Even so, remember that skills matter more than equipment. So, take your time to practice the highlighted tips and acquire more fashion photography skills.

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