The headband is not just meant to hold your hair and keep it off your face. It’s also designed to give you a queen-like appeal on your big day. Interestingly, you don’t have to buy every accessory on your big day. You can make beaded headbands for every member of your bridal team. Besides, the day becomes special when you add personal touches to the preparations. The beautiful thing about DIY headbands is that you are sure they’ll fit. You are also allowed to customize them as you want. But first, you have to get the measurements right.

1. For the Adults

You should assemble:

• Beaded trim (12 inches)

• Skinny 1/8 inch or ¼ inch elastic (8 inches)

• 1 inch felt circles

2. For the Flower Girls

• Beaded trims (10 inches)

• Skinny elastic (7.5 inches)

In addition to the above measurements, you’ll need the following:

• 1 inch felt circles (1 or 2)

• Pair of scissors

• Source of heat

• Hot glue

The Steps

1. Measure the dimensions of the beaded trim to ensure the length is correct. Using a pair of scissors, cut the excess trims. In case some parts are missed by the scissors, flame them.

2. Add hot glue to the back of the trim and cover with skinny elastic. Apply pressure to secure the two.

3. Pick the felt circle and add hot glue to it. Then, place it on top of the skinny elastic. The ends should be balanced. If not, trim and flame polish them.

4. Loop the skinny elastic to the open side of your beaded trim to complete the headband.

The above steps provide a general DIY guide for making beaded headbands. Nonetheless, the attractiveness of the headpieces depends on your designing. You are the one who decides what pattern to introduce in the headbands. For instance, you can choose how much to trim as well as how much elastic is used on your band. Some of the ideas to use are:

• Zigzag Design: Here, you arrange the beads to assume a zigzag pattern.

• Rainbow Design: This involves used beads of different colors to make a rainbow pattern.

• Ribbon Design: This involves making a ribbon pattern out of the beads.

Final Thoughts

The above DIY guide provides you with the freedom to customize your headbands to suit your personal style. Whether you design the headpieces for your maids or the flower girls, they will look adorable. The whole essence is adding your individual taste to the accessories. If you are not a DIY person, you can also buy ready-made headbands from online stores like the highly celebrated Black Fascinators Online.

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