Born in Oct 1972 Ashish Shelar represents the Vidhan Sabha constituency in Vandre West by being the 13th member of the Maharashtra Legislative Assembly as well as not only being a member the Bhartiya Janata Party but is the president of the Mumbai Unit.

He is also the vice-president of the Mumbai Cricket Association since elected on June 17, 2015.

He gained controversial status when he helped ban the sale of meat for 8 days when the usual ban of 4 days did not suit him and his Fasting beliefs!

The BJP’s Maharashtra coalition partner, Shive Sena, criticized this ban.

Ashish Shelar is married to an advocate, Pratima Dalvi.

Ashish Shelar has a Bachelor of Science B.Sc degree from Parle College and he completed a five-year law degree from G. J. Advani College, University of Mumbai.

He has a keen interest in sports:

Cricket, A member of the Mumbai Cricket Association since June 2015 and president since Jan 2017

Football, Chairman of the Mumbai Football district association (has 350 clubs)

He is also very active in different social clubs and unions:

Akhil Maharashtra Karmachari Sangh- As general secretary, he has built it into an 8-5oo member stronghold

Kshatriya Gadkari Maharashtra Samaj- as president he has organized not only assisted with coaching of poor students but organized book distribution and organized health camps in Maharashtra

Bandra Sarvajanik Samanvay Samiti- president

Ashish Shelar has played a role in the production of Spandan films such as:

A film on the 26 July Mumbai floods which gained a Goa film festival selection

A film about the eve of Guruji Madhav Sadashiv Golwalkar’s 100th birthday

A film about Mumbai’s mills and subsequent hardships of the mill workers.called Dead Chimney

Currently working on a film about swami Vivekananda on the eve of his 150th

With a strong grassroots work foundation his political career highlights are:

Khar West Ward 77 BMC’s corporator electorate

Chairman of Mumbai Improvement Committee

BJP’s North West Mumbai district’ president

In 2007 re-elected to BMC

Mumbai metro regional planning commission electorate

Mumbai Metro heritage society by MMRDA’s governor

Represented and formed the heritage conversation policy for citizens’ voices

On the international front, he was selected to be a member of the visitors’ leadership program by the US State Dept.

Traveling all over, the US for 45 days engaging with leadership developments of 82 NGOs and by doing that a laid a foundation of lifelong bonds which has and still enriches his administration perspectives.

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