Whether you are planning to revamp an operational business facility or maybe to start a new one, corporate signage is important. It’s what gives your company an identity. The signs tell the customers who you are and what you do. They also enable your customers to navigate the company easily. For example, when you use wayfinding signs in your facility, it becomes easy for the customers to find different departments without even asking for direction.

While wayfinding signs are associated with the outdoor, digital displays are popular in the indoors. In Melbourne, screens are normally used inside the companies to promote digital content. Even though the signs are known to be good at promoting the products and services of a given company, the secret is in being creative. The signs that you use have to be visible and attractive.

To help you, here are 7 secrets for corporate signage Melbourne:

1. Dominant Color

Colors are hard to ignore. With a dominant color on your signage, it becomes easy for the customers to distinguish your company from others. Moreover, the customers can identify the dominant color as your company’s trademark.

2. Color Contrast

To make the dominant color stand out against the background of your signage, you should use contrasting shades. For example, you should choose yellow-black over green-blue or brown-gray colors.

3. Clear Fonts

The letters that you use in the corporate signage need to be clear. So, using visible fonts such as Bodoni, Futura, Frutiger, and Helvetica is advisable.

4. Go for Bold

To emphasize the identity of your company, the font has to be bold enough. So, the letters should be made bigger and brighter.

5. Limited Graphics

Graphics are generally attractive but it’s important that you don’t overuse them. Besides, the most important graphic should be your logo and this is what you should insist on.

6. Title Case

When you use the title case in your corporate signage, you create contrast, and this makes it easy for customers to see what you are promoting.

7. Your identity

In today’s market, there several competitors that often compete for the same brand. To stand out, your brand and signage should carry a unique representation that stresses more on who you are in your industry. After analyzing your competition, tweak your signage to fit your products the best way possible.

While you think of catchy phrases and signs to use, it’s important to put the above secrets in mind. They are effective in helping you create wonderful corporate signage Melbourne that will represent and promote the identity of your company.

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