At times, after visiting the hairdresser for a blow-dry session, your hair may stretch in a way that it covers your face. This is often uncomfortable as you are forced to pull it backward repeatedly. The bottom edge of the hair may also be uneven after the blow-dry, thus unappealing. What if you trim it slightly? This will not only prevent the hair from covering your face but will also give your hair a decent look. When you visit Melbourne hairdressers, you’ll be provided with a range of haircutting styles. The most stylish ones include:

1. Overdirecting

This technique is used to create the illusion of a higher hair volume. It’s a shaggy technique but appears stylish when done right. The hairdresser lifts the hair and cuts slightly above your head.

2. Diamond Sectioning

This haircutting technique is meant to help you achieve a square shape in the crown area. You are able to create layers in your hair of varying degrees. This ensures that the hair no longer covers your face.

3. Thinning

If you have thick and bulky hair that you find it hard to comb, this is the haircutting style for you. The aim of the technique is to create fine layers that are easy to manipulate. The hairdresser slides a pair of scissors on your head to reduce the dense hair.

4. Graduating

In this technique, the hairstylist cuts your hair at an angle not exceeding 900. The strands are shaped to stack upon one another, thus forming layers. You can be able to determine the shape of the hair by asking the hairdresser to vary the cutting angles.

5. Wedge Cut

This technique is similar to the Graduating style; only that the angle is slightly smaller, roughly 450. The hair next to your neck is cut the shortest.

6. Bob Cut

This style is also known as Blunt Cut or Club Cut as the angle of cutting is absolutely zero. The technique is great for fine-haired women as it creates the assumption of dense hair.

7. Texturizing

This one of the most popular styles among many hair models in Melbourne and it involves cutting hair to different lengths to produce varying looks. Short hair can be texturized to give a spiky look while long hair can be made to appear ragged or less uniform. Short and long hair can also be combined to achieve a more fashionable look.

Looking at how often you get uneven hair after a blow-dry, it’s advisable to be aware of these haircutting styles. Often, the Melbourne hairdressers will suggest them but if they don’t, you should be fast to inquire about them.

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