The cannabidiol (or CBD) market is bigger than ever. This is because there are purer options to take. So often, the term Green CBD is used to refer to pure cannabidiols. Well, there are several forms of green cannabidiols in the market and their purity differs. Some have more CBD concentration than others. Moreover, they come in different flavors. What matters is the concentration that gives you the best performance and the form that you can conveniently take.

Here are 7 forms of green cannabidiol that you can consume.

1. CBD Oil

CBD oil is often regarded as the purest CBD product due to a high concentration of CBD and reduced levels of THC. Additionally, the ingredients are not packed with any kind of artificial additives, thus pure. It can be taken orally or applied topically.

2. CBD Topical

This form of CBD is meant to be applied directly to the skin by rubbing. It’s convenient for reducing pain and inflammation, especially for users with chronic arthritis.

3. E-Liquid

The E-liquid is designed to be used with a special device, the vaporizer. The liquids come in different flavors such as mint and fruit tastes, so you’ll find the experience enjoyable.

4. CBD Capsules

If you don’t have a problem with ingesting drugs and you can follow prescriptions well, then these capsules will be easy to take. Some are dissolvable while others are not. The capsules contain powdered CBD and it’s very potent when taken at the correct dosages.

5. CBD Sprays

These are probably the lowest in CBD concentration, about 3mg. The products are meant to be sprayed orally. The problem is that you cannot estimate the dose you take. However, they are popular because they are easy and simple to carry around.

6. CBD Wax

The form is also known as CBD shatter or live resin. It’s highly concentrated and thus fast-acting when taken orally. The Green CBD product is a great pain reliever but should be taken cautiously due to its high concentration.

7. CBD Tinctures

These are mixtures of liquid mediums and CBD-rich oils. Common formulations include ingredients such as mint, honey, and natural flavorings that are often added to boost flavor of the products and for other added benefits. Tinctures are often used by eyedroppers or spoon depending on the concentration that the user want to achieve.

These 7 green cannabidiols have amazing results if taken accordingly. You can take them for medical reasons or as dietary supplements. You just need to pick the form that is convenient for you and the experience will be worthwhile. Lastly, you can get the most out of your green CBD by purchasing from stores that offer not only good Cannibidoil prices but also high quality products.

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