Do you have plans of opening a cafe soon, or already own one? To stay ahead of the pack, you ought to adopt creative and exciting Cafe Fit Outs to appeal to your target customers. Cafes and restaurants are not all about serving great coffee, and delicious cakes, the surrounding an interior décor is just as important as what you serve your customers. Below are fantastic tips on how to maximise the available restaurant space to elevate your customer’s dining experience.

Adopt the living room design

Due to the limitation of space, cafes are getting more congested; however, more people are leaning towards the living room design. In such a model, your restaurant will imitate the setup of a typical apartment living room. In this context, the establishment will sport cozy sofas and booths as well as tons of seating space. Such a setting provides clients with a homely environment, where they can relax and unwind the day’s events.

The unfinished look

The unfinished look is fast gaining prominence in the cafe industry. The materials applied in achieving this look are reasonably easy to maintain. The whole setting creates a fascinating industrial feel that oozes professionalism and class. The beauty of the unfinished look is that it can be altered to keep up with emerging trends.

The open kitchen plan

Most interior designers are of the opinion that an open kitchen plan creates the impression that diners are more involved in the preparation of meals. Open kitchen plans offer customers more freedom regarding how they want their dishes prepared.

Consider mixing textures

Instead of having a single theme that transcends the entire establishment, it would be a great idea to mix up contrasting patterns and textures. The clashing textures design makes the details pop making your restaurant one of a kind. For example, floors can be epoxy or concrete, tables from polished wood, marble bench tops and a few copper and stainless steel fittings.

Have a few plants and flowers

Multicolored flowers and plants breathe life into your cafe while adding a natural aura to your establishment. It is advisable to have a few plants at the reception; such a move makes both your staff and customers feel jovial, lively and active while at the restaurant. 3D plant decorations on your wall are also a welcome addition.

Mixed seating arrangement

Most people prefer to have an order in their cafe seating arrangement, but at times, it pays to be creative with our seating plan. Aspire to best the competition by introducing mismatched seat arrangement, antique cushions and long benches; such unconventional ideas are what make your cafe stand out.

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