Every single woman looks forward to the day that she’ll say I do. But before the special date, there’s the engagement. The formal way to mark it is through a ring. When it comes to engagement rings, aquamarine engagement rings are the most preferred. This is because they are not only valuable but classy and timeless too. They are the personification of beauty, class, and style. But before you can spend your money on such a ring, here are 5 things to know:

Quality Dictates the Price

Quality is key when it comes to aquamarine engagement rings. They differ significantly on this basis and so do their prices. Depending on budget, there are low-quality options that cost as little as $100 and there are high-quality designs that cost as high as $1,000. Ordinarily, the higher the price, the higher the quality.

The Power of Blue

While there are colors such as light green, sea green, morganite, and emerald, the most loved color for engagements, especially among young women, are those with blue shades. They include vibrant blue, deep blue, faint blue, and blue-green. Such colors are considered vibrant and lively.

Good Aquamarines Are Treated

It’s quite uncommon to find an aquamarine engagement ring that’s not treated. However, there are a few synthetic options that are not properly treated and thus low-quality. You can identify them by looking at lighter shades like yellow, brown or light green.

The Cut Matters

Aquamarine rings come in different cuts such as oval, peer, cabochon, ivy, and round. Each cut has a different appeal. The oval cut, for example, is considered the simplest of all. You can buy one for less than $400. As for the ivy cut, it’s considered a very classy style and a piece costs about $1,450.

Clarity is a Priority

Lastly, a good aquamarine ring should be free of flaws—internally or externally. It should be translucent and clear to the eye. If there are visible inclusions, they lower the quality of the gemstone.

Generally, aquamarine engagement rings are amazing in style and appearance. They are well cut to look good on the finger. Since engagement is a special time, it requires a special mark and nothing does the job better than an aquamarine ring. If you were skeptical about going for aquamarine rings because you didn’t a few things about them or how they can make you stand out on your big day, now you don’t have an excuse. The above tips will help you choose aquamarine engagement rings with confidence.

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