There are plenty of teachers worldwide seeking to make a teaching career in foreign lands. If you are one of them, then there is no doubt that Vietnam is the right country for you. Currently, it stands as the country with the highest demand for teachers, especially English.

However, you can’t just fly in and start teaching. You have to fulfill the following 5 requirements before you can be allowed to teach.

Must Have a Bachelor’s Degree

In order for you to be allowed for TEFL Jobs in Vietnam you must be a bachelor’s degree holder. You have to produce proof of the same and copies of your transcripts while in school. Of course, they have to prove that a person they are entrusting to teach is qualified and can deliver good results.

Criminal Background Check

Just like any other country, you have to produce a criminal background check to be allowed to teach in Vietnam. The document must have been done within the last six month in your original country. No country would risk allowing a criminal to live, work and freely roam around.

Work Permit or Valid Visa

If you are not a Vietnam native, you will be required to have a valid visa and a working permit before you are allowed to teach in their country. These are the documents that will help you get paid on time or even raise a complaint in case your employer refuses to honor your agreement.

Health Check from an Approved Hospital

Before you get allowed for TEFL Jobs in Vietnam, you are required to undergo a serious health check in an approved hospital. No one would want to employ someone with a contagious disease or a serious condition that may hamper effective service delivery. It is advisable to get it done in a Vietnamese hospital.

Teaching Experience

Although this is not an official requirement, most of the institutions will require you to have some teaching experience before they hire you. This is some sort of proof that indeed you can teach well.

If you can fulfill the requirements above, why not go ahead and make your dream of teaching in a foreign country come true by applying for Vietnam teaching jobs? There are plenty of teaching jobs there almost enough for everyone. Lastly, although it is not part of the requirement, it can be advantageous if you know the local Vietnamese language or culture. Accordingly, if you are serious about Vietnam teaching jobs, it is critical to start learning the local language and researching on some of the fundamentals of their culture.

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