Whether you want a routine roof maintenance job or you are planning a more elaborate and exacting roofing project, deciding on the most suitable roofing contractor can be tricky business. Ignore any freelancing roofer who comes knocking on your door. For instance, if somebody comes and tells you that they have noticed that your roof needs repair, odds are high that they could be pulling a fast one.

Here are 4 handy pointers to follow when selecting Roofers in Leeds:

1. Check Experience and Credentials

Choose a contractor with some years of experience and several accreditations. For roofing contractors in the UK, such accreditations include Masterbond Warranty and the National Federation of Roofing Contractors status. Request that the contractor shows their credentials. Good and reputable roofers in leeds will only be too glad to display their registration certificates and membership to accredited professional bodies.

Get referrals from family members and friends who have used services from particular roofing contractors. Other building merchants and trades people like plumbers and electricians are also excellent sources of solid referrals.

2. Type of Roofing

Different roofing contractors have a roofing type in which they specialize in. Establishing the kind of roofing that you require for your property is critical when it comes to identifying the best roofing company or contractor for it.

Leading roof types include:

• Fibre-glass
• Flat felt
• Lead roofing
• Artstone
• Felt roofing.

Repair of roofs is counted as a type on its own, as it calls for special skills and experience. The best roofing contractor would ideally be the one specializing in the majority of the above types of roofs as they would be in possession of good roofing concepts.

3. Size of Roofing

A major factor that needs to be taken into account when selecting your roofing contractor is the size of your project. A flexible company that can take on all manner of project irrespective of their size is ideal as you will not have to worry about job capacity of the firm.

4. The Cost Factor

For various services, different roofing companies charge differently. Your goal should be to pay cost effectively while at the same time get quality roofing services. The company you pick on should have a good and comprehensive package for you.Make sure that the estimate or quote is given to you in writing — except for minor emergency repairs.


Identifying and selecting the best Roofers in Leeds calls for proper investigation prior to making your final decision. Remember, a badly done roofing job can be extremely expensive to correct. Employing a reputable roofing contractor reduces the potential for future problems.

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