What crossed your mind when you realized you could take a break from your glasses and wear eye contact color lenses? Were you thrilled to change your lenses to a different color? We often fantasize the new looks and forget the most crucial aspects of wearing contact lenses. Besides the beauty of wearing colored lenses, it is vital to understand what you are getting into. Here are a few guidelines for you before you decide to lock your glasses in the closet.

Never forget your prescription glasses

Just because you got your new glasses recently does not mean you skip an optometrist’s check-up when ordering your colored lenses. Yes, the two are your eye accessories, expected to work similarly for your vision, but each has its unique prescriptions. Let’s even go with the most basic facts; glasses and lenses vary in size; glasses are worn outside, whereas contacts are worn inside the eyes.

So, you will need a different prescription for each. Visit an experienced optometrist and get the right prescription for your colored contacts. Using your glasses prescription to order lenses will most likely accelerate your eyesight problems.

Never use your colored contacts wrongly

Like glasses, you should take off your contact lenses when swimming, showering, or sleeping. Exposure to water is prohibited for these lenses as it increases the risk of suffering serious eye infections.

Similarly, sleeping with them impedes the eyes from accessing adequate oxygen and keeping hydrated, hindering them from fighting against microbial invasion and other eye infections, causing diseases. That said, make sure you take your contact lens off whenever going to sleep, shower or swim.

Colored contact lenses stay intact

Once you put on your contact lenses, they will stay in place, provided you’ve placed them properly. Most first-time wearers struggle a lot, but the moment you must align the lens in the eye, it becomes more comfortable. If not appropriately fit, your lenses will feel like a foreign body in the eye. Take time to align it well, and never worry that it’ll roll at the backside of your eyes. It’s a safe eye accessory, all you need is to wear it appropriately, and you’ll barely notice you’ve got them.

When picking your eye contact color lenses, get choices that suit your lifestyle and preferences. Consult an eye specialist, and they will advise you on the best options for you. Be certain that the eye lenses will get so comfortable that you often forget you have them on.

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