Desert makes all the hassle of daily living worthwhile. From the moment you lay eyes on your favorite pudding, till you finish the very last crumb, the entire experience is heavenly. A mini pineapple upside down cake is delectable. If you need another reason to bake it, then the fact that everyone has an individual cake to savor is a pretty good one.

A Cake of Your Own

As a society we encourage people to share things. However, when it comes to dessert there is something quite decadent and luxurious about having a cake all to oneself. And just so you do not overdo it, the mini cake is a terrific idea. When you opt to bake individual upside down cakes for friends and loved ones, they will appreciate it far more than they would enjoy eating a slice or two of a bigger cake.

It is Delicious

The concept of the upside down cake goes back to the 1920s. It was quite glamorous for amateur bakers to bake upside down cakes that used slices of fruit such as pineapple and peach. First, the topping was laid in the cake pan, and then the cake mixture was placed over it. This ensured that the fruits pieces were baked to perfection and the juices flavored the cake thoroughly.

When you bake an upside down cake and turn it upside down, the base becomes the topping. The fruits juices and syrup drench the cake with flavor and offer it an unusual taste and texture. The fresh fruity taste of cake coupled with the buttery goodness is sumptuous.

Easy and Quick

The mini pineapple upside down cake has two key parts, the topping and the cake. For the topping you need to beat softened butter with brown sugar. Place the creamy mix at the base of the baking pan, and a thick layer around the perimeter. Next, put the pineapple slices on the creamy butter. For the mini upside down cakes, a jumbo muffin tin is ideal, as it is big enough to accommodate slices of pineapple. You may also wish to add some glace cherries with the pineapple.

For the cake mix you need eggs, self raising flour, caster sugar, butter, vanilla essence and baking powder. Scoop the soft, smooth cake mix over the pineapple slices and bake for about 35 minutes. Let the cake stand for five minutes before turning it upside down on a plate. If you are in a rush, you could simply create the topping and use a packaged cake mix.

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