The fact that LinkedIn has approximately 560 million users makes it a very powerful marketing tool. LinkedIn has also polished their tools recently, creating a more useful and interesting experience. Therefore, it is a great place for marketers to get their messages out there. With better desktop apps, enhanced mobile apps, premium business-oriented apps, and a general platform to share and show rich content, LinkedIn is truly a game changer for the marketer who is worth her/his mettle.

Here are some powerful LinkedIn campaign ideas you can adopt to stay ahead o your competition.

1. Sponsored Content

This is one of the LinkedIn campaign ideas that you can use to promote existing content that is already on your page. You can share some of your top posts with a target audience or broadcast upcoming promotions, company news, and videos. The ads will appear on your home page feed for tablet, mobile, and desktop. It’s a great way to boost awareness for your product, service or brand, lure users to click to a new landing page, and attract more followers for your brand. More importantly, LinkedIn even provide marketers with the capability to put a form in the ads, which is an ideal choice for marketers looking to build contact lists.

2. LinkedIn Text Ads

This is an effective strategy for driving traffic to your company’s LinkedIn page or website. It is also recommended for businesses that are looking for more brand awareness on LinkedIn. You can try creating and featuring a catchy headline, image, and description. You can also create several variations of ad campaigns to test what works best for your company or brand. This allows you to compare the results for each variation of the advert. The isolated tweaks help you to improve your adverts every other time. Such ads can only run on desktop, popping up on the right panel of the news feed. Moreover, they are effective when it comes to grabbing the attention of busy professionals browsing LinkedIn.

3. Sponsored Inmail

This is one way to deliver customized messages to the inboxes of LinkedIn users. It is a great way to develop trust with your target audience because it makes them feel you are speaking directly with them. Consequently, they will be more likely to click the buy or call tabs. So, if you want to be a little more detailed with your audience, this is the best strategy to adopt.

To sum up, there are numerous ideas for running a successful LinkedIn ad campaign. You can start by trying out these suggested ideas to see the response before trying more sophisticated tactics.

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