In a fast-changing world like the one today, it is crucial for students to learn about different skills and knowledge to help them keep up to date with the changing economic and social times. Schools are one of the major avenues where learning occurs and the development of essential life skills. Teachers should, therefore, have the ability to prepare their learners for a lot of things such as jobs, technologies and problems that have not been discovered yet. A lot of changes are being experienced every day globally in terms of technology and demography, and there is no likelihood of this growth slowing down any soon. Due to these technological progress, therefore, millennial workers change their jobs very often, and also goods and services are transported routinely every day around the globe. This means that relevancy of skills and knowledge is crucial among the general population for them to remain useful in the economic sector. In the learning institutions hence instructors should emphasize technological skill, ability to adapt and other 21st century skills as explained below;

Analytical thinking

For one to develop critical thinking, analytical thinking is the first step. This is because for one to be able to think critically about a thing they need to analyze and break it down first.

Critical thinking

It is not enough to have information on knowledge. This is because for one to determine whether the information they have is useful, they must be able to think critically. Critical thinking encourages the development of meta-cognition skills and more profound thoughts about problems encountered.


Students must learn and develop the ability to solving complex questions as soon as they occur. With problem-solving skills, they can be able to master a problem as it arises both in their classroom and workplaces and solves it effectively.

Creative thinking

This is the ability to create connections between previous ideas that are unrelated by using digital and non-digital tools. Students should be able to use this ability through analyzing problems, using their critic to develop conclusions and using all these to create something new. In every occupation, employees are required to develop solutions that are innovative to solve complex problems through the use of creative thinking.


Teachers should teach their students the importance of collaborating through working on projects together, developing new ideas in physical and digital spaces. This ensures students grow to be able to work in teams.

Technology skills

This is another 21st century skills that students must learn in school. It teaches them how to utilize the internet in doing research rather than browsing stacks and going to the library to look for research materials.

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