A motorcycle club is a group of riders who enjoy the same activities, such as riding and sports. Central Coast Motorcycle Club is located in Central California and has over 30 years of history and success serving its members with guidance on how to ride safely.

  • Central Coast MC was established in 1986 by founders Robert Toth and Jim O’Donnell.
  • Central Coast MC offers training for new riders through their Rider Development Program which focuses on improving all aspects of rider safety skills – This includes defensive driving techniques because being aware while riding can help avoid accidents completely!

They also offer emergency medical classes so that people are prepared if any emergencies arise when they are out on rides.

The Central Coast Motorcycle Club is a club that was founded in 1994 by a group of bikers who wanted to ride together and enjoy the Central Coast area. The Club has evolved over the years, but its mission statement remains true: To help promote motorcycle safety and provide fellowship for motorcyclists in California’s Central Coast region.

In this article, we will discuss three things you should know about the club.

The first thing is the club’s website. Central Coast Motorcycle Club has an informative and easy-to-use site, which you can visit by online.

The second thing is this clubs’ annual Central California Rally that takes place in Santa Maria, CA each year on Memorial Day weekend. This rally brings together Central Coast bikers for a day of riding, food, music, and fun.

There are also vendors at this event so it is a great opportunity to check out some new gear or accessories if you have been thinking about updating your equipment! Each rally location varies but all offer free parking with plenty of space available for camping overnight.

Last but not least – this club supports charitable causes through fundraising initiatives like Poker Runs. They hosts many Poker Runs throughout the year and all of the proceeds go toward a charity or non-profit organization that supports veterans (like Santa Maria’s Homeless Veterans, Homes for Heroes Foundation). These events are fun but also help to raise money and awareness for important causes!

The Central California Rally is an annual event hosted by Central Coasts’ Motorcycle Clubs on Memorial Day weekend in Santa Maria, CA each year. The rally includes vendors with free parking provided along with space available for camping overnight.

There are also poker runs held where Central Coast motorcyclists can show their support through raising funds which goes towards helping homeless vets among other things like providing homes for heroes foundation.

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