Flagstone Canada are great options for walkways. These flat natural stones are often used to line paths that lead from the house to the garden and other prominent features of a property. If you have a private escape, then you will probably want to create a walkway that gently guides people towards this oasis. This will make the property look more attractive and increase its value. Canadian owners should select the right stone for their project. Flagstones are often use for this type of undertaking because of the following:

Natural Look

Although it is possible to simply pour concrete around the property to form the path, this will look rather out of place if you want to surround the space with greenery. Flagstones have a more natural look that will make them seem like they belong in the area. There come in different shapes and sizes so you can pick and choose what to use. There will be gaps between each one where grass and other plants can grow to fill them up. It will be as if they were always there like ancient paths.


You can use flagstones for walkways whatever the design might be. Whether this goes in a straight line, a curve, or various shapes, they can adapt to the needs of the owner. They can even be used on steps if you fancy including these in your landscaping plan. They can work well together with other stones as well. You can cut them into smaller pieces if you have to or combine multiple pieces to form a bigger pathway.

Ease of Maintenance

You can basically set them and forget them. They are weatherproof so they do not require any treatment to prolong their longevity. On the ground and exposed to the elements, they will feel right at home. Just clean up the path every not and then to keep things looking nice. You might also have to trim the grows around the cracks to keep the stones visible.

Safe Surface

Flagstones offer a rough and flat surface that you will feel confident to step on. Even when wet, they won’t become too slippery that you will have to mind your footing. This makes them a safe choice. This is a good candidate if you have small children who like to run around in your family.

Contact flagstone Canada suppliers for more information on pricing and available types.

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