What is Childcare Design? When considering opening a childcare facility in any area or community, there are certain protocols and plans as per local bylaws and standards that have to be followed and this is where Childcare Design comes in.

You have to have not only the safest building built or redeveloped ( if old building ), but this must be done on a premises that will be a safe haven and safe area for the kids to learn and grow without having to worry about external or internal factors that put them in danger in any form or way.

Of these to consider when designing your childcare facility, would be:

  • 1- LOCATION, LOCATION AND ONCE AGAIN LOCATION: one of the biggest decisions to make when designing a new facility for childcare purposes is the location.

You cannot have your facility in a high crime rate area whether due to illegal activities (like drug dealers on the corner or by the fence), areas known for illegal street racing, or even near certain types of establishments, like sex shops, liquor, and alcoholic beverage sales outlets or even bars.

Another important factor is to know your area for child predators, check your websites, speak to neighbors as well as the police.

  • 2- BUILDING CONTRACTOR CERTIFICATION: always make sure your building contractor or contractors are all qualified to not only build a safe and child-friendly building but can erect any playground area equipment and playgrounds in the safest manner possible, as well as child protection fencing.

Lastly, you and staff must be able to view any area where a child might be playing or resting without obstruction, (no blind corners)

  • 3- PROPER PREAPPROVED PLANS FOR YOUR FACILITY: apart from having the proper contractors involved, make sure your plans are pre-approved with all the correct departments and follow all guidelines for child health-care and safety
  • 4- DESIGN EFFECTIVENESS: all facilities are to be designed in such a manner that the whole facility itself will not only offer a child with a safe place to be further educated in life but also that every part of the designed facility offers all these in the most effective manner possible by utilizing every part of the facility.

To use an example would be:

  • the sleeping area for the child naps should be well ventilated and away from any dangers like child-height heaters or electrical outlets
  • the educating areas or “classrooms” must be brightly lit either by natural light (big windows to allow sunlight in) or artificial light that is not harmful, although the natural light is always preferred.

This is just your starting points when considering your childcare facility and designing it.

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