The most recent introductions in fashion on the beach in the –kini family is the Tankini Tops with Underwire, which was introduced into the world in the late nineties and early noughties.

Combining a tank top made of a combination of cotton and Lycra and or Spandex and used with a normal bikini bottom.

Initially created for the modest wearer who did not want to show to much skin as a normal two-piece would and as well as the nuisance of removing the whole one-piece costumes when using the ladies’ room.

The Tankini comes in many designs, colors, and or styles(even underwire) and it has now crossed the bridge of just for adults to favorites amongst children to even the female triathlon athletes.

As per an editor of one of the top fashion magazines, this new “amphibious swimwear and sportswear” is made perfectly for sand and sea and is perfect also for those heavy into the sports activities especially the ones with lots of rapid and continuous arm movements like rafting, swimming and or volleyball as it prevents the embarrassing bikini top falling off situation.

Used by both men and women (men mostly as underwear) the tank top part of the costume comes in adjustable strap sizes and a low neck and is actually named after the 1920s tank suits which were a one-piece swimsuit worn in swimming pools and beaches in that era.

The tank top part of the Tankini usually runs down towards the just above the navel or above the hips and is an actual combination of the two words tank top and bikini

There are two types of Tankini Tops with Underwire in the lexicons to observe, just for interest sake the camkini and bandeukini.

This new form of beach fashion is famous amongst females who have had mastectomies (bilateral or unilateral, as it hides the actual artificial look of the artificial breasts as well as those who have modest size breasts and or abnormally long torsos.

Even if you are the type that doesn’t have a washboard type torso or just feel uncomfortable about the shape or size or look of your torso this can help a lot especially if the thought of wearing a bikini alone keeps you away from the beach or pool.

The newly designed sarong type design and underwire tank top is now a favorite amongst those with small breasts and also those who suffer from gymnophobia (the fear of nudity)

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