If you are interested in still life photography Los Angeles is a good place to visit. The unique thing about this style of photography is that the subjects are often mundane. They are simply regular objects that you would not take much notice of usually. Therefore, successful photographers in this genre find ways to liven up their photos. This also ensures that it is an excellent style to expand your skillset. By testing various lighting setups, compositions, and arrangements, photographers can transform the way people see the world.

Typical still life subjects include manmade items—shoes, glasses, and tools, etc, – along with natural objects—food, flowers, rocks, and plants, etc. Tabletop photography is an area of this genre that depicts objects resting on tables. Products and food are the most popular subjects for this style, e.g. photographing products for promotional purposes. Every photo used on an e-commerce website, or in a newspaper or magazine advert, is classed as a product photo.

Just like any photographic style, it is vital to use the correct lens for the subject you want to shoot. Different lenses are suitable for different types of subjects. You do not require a large selection of lenses to still life photography Los Angeles subjects. Two will be fine to begin with.

Fifty-millimeter lenses are good for shooting on full-frame cameras. These lenses allow you to do straight-on shots, along with tablescapes and flat lays. 100-millimeter macro lenses are even better for shooting subjects straight on. These lenses can be used for more than just close up, tight shots. When you use longer lenses to shoot with, you tend to only capture subjects and the surfaces they are resting on. By moving further away from subjects, you can capture some excellent portrait shots. Full frame cameras with seventy-millimeter lenses are ideal for doing this.

You can really let your creative juices flowing with still life photos. Unlike landscape and portrait photography, you are not dealing with live subjects, and there’s no need to look for photo opportunities or unique locations. Rather, you can produce your own original compositions, with regular items that are just lying around. In addition, still life is perfect for showcasing your expertise because you can include these shots in an online portfolio — and impress prospective clients with what you can do. After you master how to produce outstanding still life images, you will be able to produce good quality photos in all circumstances.

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