It’s not just in Australia but all over the world that parents are increasingly becoming busy. They don’t have the time to look after their kids before they can start schooling. So, the obvious option for them is childcare. So, if you are considering childcare design and development in Australia, the decision is a great one from an investment perspective. But this doesn’t mean that the business will be up and running as soon as the construction is complete. You have to make an effort from your end. Here are 5 ideas to use.

Be Educative

There are so many things that you can share with your target market. It can be a curriculum that you plan to follow or a strong philosophy. You can use blogs, newsletters, brochures or magazines to pass the message. You can also use digital platforms such as Facebook and Google Ads to do awareness campaign focused on your target market. All these moves will show parents that you really know what you are doing and you are not there just for the money.

Spur Referrals

There’s power in word of mouth and it is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly. The few customers that you have can be used to bring others. You just have to entice them the right way. You can offer them discounts or rewards if they refer you to their friends. Offering referral rewards have been proven to work and will definitely boost your awareness efforts.

Invest in an App

Nowadays, businesses are investing in mobile apps so as to target the smartphone community. Since so many parents have access to smartphones, they can easily get your app. You just need to enrich it with the right marketing content.

Develop Networks

You can’t do much in the commercial sector without links. You need people that you can share with the good news about your childcare. You can get them in social groups, church gatherings, and workshops or events that you organize.

Be Social

Lastly, you can get a massive following online if you become engaging on social media. You can respond to comments, post informative content, and chat with your followers. The whole idea is to convert your social followers into customers.


Generally, childcare design and development in Australia is not a cheap investment. The construction cost can be overwhelming and it may take time before you can have your money back. However, there are ways to speed up the process and it begins with employing the above ideas.

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