Every girl has a dream of clear skin that doesn’t have unwanted hair. With the advancement of technology, this dream has come true as girls can opt for IPL Laser hair removal procedure. Unlike traditional laser treatment that requires more time and money, IPL is a gift of modern technology since it speeds up the treatment time and offers better results.

What is IPL, and How does it work?

IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light. In the hair removal treatment, this light is used to heat the follicles intending to disrupt the hair cycle. IPL produces a wide range of wavelength lights for creating a single white flash. This light is quite similar to natural light featured with a red or orange glow. When you turn on the camera flash on your smartphone then see white light with some glow of other shade, IPL looks precisely like it.

When IPL is applied on the skin, melanin in the hair shaft absorbs the light, and follicle heats up. When the right amount of light energy is used, hair follicle cells heat up at a critical temperature, and as a result, the hair growth cycle is interrupted. The effect of this treatment is either permanent or temporary, based on a variety of factors.

Benefits of IPL Laser Hair Removal

This hair removal treatment is becoming quite popular among the girls as most of them can get a kit through which they can remove their hair without going to the doctor’s office. Even when a person goes to an office, this treatment is more affordable than laser treatment.

Short Period

Whether you get this process at home or in an official place, you don’t have to wait much. Advanced technology is used in this treatment, which is quite useful and drops down the treatment time.

Lowest Pain Level

When IPL is compared with a laser hair removal process, then a person feels less pain with the former treatment then later. Even when you compare this process with that of waxing and razor, it doesn’t cause much discomfort.


The main reason behind the rising fame of IPL Laser hair removal is that its cost is quite lower than that of a traditional method. It’s high accessibility and affordability level makes it the right choice of hair removal treatment.


IPL is one of the best treatments for the girls as light coming out from the device is quite safe and doesn’t cause any harm.

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