Face painting Blacktown is an activity that people regardless of their age enjoy thoroughly. However, it is important to keep some safety precautions in mind to have a safe and enjoyable experience. Read on to know more.

Select art supplies well – While there is an extensive range of face paints available in the market today, not all are safe to use. Many of them might even have the “non-toxic” sign on their labels, but don’t fall for the trap. Not everything shown as safe is actually safe, especially for small kids. Therefore, be very careful in finding the best face paint for your usage.

Avoid acrylic paint – This type of paint contains chemicals and colorants that are good for craft painting, but are extremely harmful for children’s skin. Same goes for watercolor markers. These also contain chemicals that can lead to severe allergic reactions and worse even respiratory issues. Buy only FDA approved paints as these are the only ones that are safe on the skin.

Do not use craft glitters – Metal glitters are meant only for arts and crafts and should not be used on the skin. The glitters used with face paints should ideally be 0.008 microns in size or even smaller to be considered safe for application on skin.

Test for allergy – It is important to ensure that your children are not allergic to the face paints. These products usually have the same ingredients that are found in makeup items. The easiest way to check for allergies is to smear some makeup just below your child’s wrist to see if he/she is allergic to the ingredients. If there is no rash outbreak in 10-15 minutes, the child is not at risk of allergic reactions from the face paints.

Be careful with pimples – Do not use paints on a face that has pimples. Only apply paint if the face is clear of acne. Keep in mind, the paint has to be eventually washed off and rubbing on the pimples will only make them worse. Alternatively, you can paint on the arms or other parts of the skin that are free of pimples.

Use clean equipment – Ensure that the sponges and brushes that you use are absolutely clean. You can wash them with soap and warm water regularly to avoid any kind of contamination.

Face painting is great fun. Follow the above tips to ensure that you have a happy time engaging in the activity. If you are looking for paints for face painting Blacktown is home to several shops that sell high quality paints.

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