When you are looking to increase awareness for your brand identity, it is good to consider building signage Perth. You might also be introducing a new branch or revamping an old facility. How about building signage Perth posts to communicate your specific message? The good thing about signs is that they help onlookers to locate your business and understand what your company is all about.

Exterior Signs

These signs carry the most impact. They communicate the location of an entity. The best layout for an outdoor sign depends on the ordinances of the local area, visual noise, sight lines, and viewing distances. Sometimes, a storefront can be invisible when viewed from a street angle and it becomes hard for people to navigate around it. This is where exterior signage comes in. A projecting blade sign can be installed at one corner of a building so it can attract the foot traffic. Furthermore, window graphics and raised letters would make the sign stand out.

Way-Finding Signs

People are always looking for directions to hospitals, schools, estates, and big hotels. Way-finding signs help them reach their destination faster. If an establishment has moved to a new location, then people should be made aware of the changes. Most of the way-finding signs have to comply with the local signage rules. Besides showing directions, way finding signs have an added value of beautifying the environment. A customized billboard makes the residents proud of their area.

Reception Signs

In every office or establishment, the first impression has a huge impact. It sets the mood for the visitor and might influence their decision regarding your service or products. Reception signage must keep the brand’s image front and center while at the same time respect the interior design. The company’s logo makes a perfect sign when incorporated into various metal finishes that complement the whole office. This is a great way to create a fabulous first impression.

Digital Signs

Digital displays are used when a business requires intuitive marketing strategies. For example, interior walls made of glass are classy and they do not block light from entering internal space. Others are designed in a way that gives privacy to the meeting rooms. Special graphics can also help to break up big glass walls without actually impeding the light. Such specialty signs also preserve openness. Interactive digital signs can be used to tell the story of a company with dynamic content.

Many people are aware of outdoor signage posts but they forget reception and way-finding signs. Now that you know the different possibilities, use them to the advantage of your business today.

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